Icon does not show in map for garmion dezl truck gps


i created point of interest files and icon files and named them same and when i transfer these icon are not showing on maps.I need help to solve this problem if anybody knows how to fix this


You named the file "POI.csv

You named the file "POI.csv and POI.bmp? Both file have to be in the folder that you are uploading from.

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There is a FAQ...

that might help. Has a lot of good info and details about the process.


It's been said before

Size matters (icons) lol

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What GPS model

What GPS model are you trying this on. This would help us help you.

BTW - Older Garmin units use a 24 x 24 BMP file, while newer ones can use a 48 x 48 BMP file which is more visible.

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