Anyone killing travel due to Covid-19?


I won the lottery for a trip to The Wave this summer. I will be going! I am driving though, so my chance of exposure should be lower than those flying or riding in a tin tube with the general public. Let's hear from the crowd.

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I'm staying home

Till this thing is over. I think we might have to write this Summer off

Video Chats

All my doctors are now only seeing people through video chats unless it is something real serious, I am being treated for congestive heart failure through video

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Wow. We got extremely lucky

We had a permit for June 1 to hike The Wave. On the way out the prior week, the area restaurants just started to open up so we were able to dine in with social distancing in most places west of the Delaware Water Gap. As we were out there, the George Floyd incident occurred. On the way back, we avoided most major cities due to civil unrest and protests. Being careful as heck, I can happily say that we are both Covid free at three weeks later. 5000 miles, a dozen states, 8 different La Quinta properties and all is well. If we were to have gone a week later, it would have definitely been a scrubbed trip. Out west is blowing up with Coronavirus and there's no way I would want to go into that just having survived that right here in NY!

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

All cancelled

Our 5 week camping trip was cancelled as nothing was open. They still haven't cancelled our November/December cruises but I'm sure it will happen. Even it they aren't cancelled I can't see going. Bummer. 33 days in a balcony cabin. Southern Australia, New Zealand, and Queensland. All gratuities included. High speed always on Internet included. Premier Beverage Package included.$1,750AUD on board spending money included. Sigh... I'll never get a deal like that again. There's no way Australia and New Zealand are going to allow cruise ships with American citizens to visit.

We did manage a 6 day camping trip though. Went up to Modoc National Forest. We were certainly surprised on the first day when we arrived to find 34 degrees and slushy snow coming down. It's freaking JUNE for crying out loud! It only snowed off and on for that first day and by the next morning it was all gone. We spent 3 days at that campground and there was only one other person there - down at the other end of the campground. We spent the next 3 days at another campground and we were the only ones there. 6 days with no cell service, no news, no people. It was GREAT! Came back to discover the Seattle thing going one. Sheesh... Makes me want to go back to where there are no people.

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Congrats on making it back safe camerabob.

Lots of complicating factors right now! shock


glad my employer is not reopening the office until after Labor Day, and seems to have thrived during the pandemic. Apparently we will have to have two rotating staffs, not 100% at the same time.

Let's face it, we are all pretty much subject to forces related to our jobs and where we live.

It would seem that for the most part many go with the flow and feel the pandemic is over. But seems it is far from it.

So I guess for me travel, vacation, it's the furthest from my mind. At the same time, my 6 y.o. has been invited to pool parties, outings, etc., and I'm the stinker saying no he can't attend. Bad father I guess.

The weird thing seems to be desire. I have no desire to mix with others right now, but I'm the exception. My wife's gf's want to get together for drinks, etc. If I lived in FLA I bet I'd simply behave like anyone else, maskless and beach and etc. I'm no better or worse than anyone.

No Planes for Me

I'm not going to take any plane trips for a while that's for sure.


We rescheduled our Arizona, Utah trip from late May to Late September. Now it looks like we will change it again to next spring. The airline gave us a year from the original booking date to make changes.

Summer activities have been cancelled,

just like Spring. Hope the Fall will be ok.

Yup - Plans are changed

My high school class had a reunion scheduled for the beginning of August. They are still talking about having it, but I think that they are smoking the strong stuff.

Even if I were young, I would not be going, and as a very definite member of the high-risk group I am DEFINITELY not going.

- Tom -

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No travel for me

I live in NYC and I'm not going anywhere. I'm tired of wearing masks and having to social distance. If I go anywhere it will be to a place where no one is around. Can't wait till this is all over.

Problem is when will this be

Problem is when will this be over? Perhaps it is like brush fire. It's over when there is no more fuel to burn. COVID19 is over when there's no more human to infect.

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

There is a significant percentage of the human population, especially in the US, that thinks this virus is a hoax. For a variety of reasons, these people believe Covid 19 is no more serious than the seasonal flu. Until these folks wake up and begin observing the proper precautions, this virus will never go away.

Since the virus affects the elderly more seriously, many in the younger generations feel they are immune. Recently, a local TV reporter covering a anti lockdown rally, asked a 20 something mask-less protester why he was taking the risk of spreading the virus. His reply was quite chilling. "Only old people get it. They have lived their lives, I want to live mine"! With attitudes like this, Covid 19 will be impossible to beat.

I can only wonder how this person will feel when he infects his parents, grandparents and other elderly family members.

You are so right bdhsfz6!

But I suspect your post and this thread will lead to a political discussion and will be shut down/removed/locked by the admins with good reason in accordance with the forum rules. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that the top leaders in our national government and in many of the states have given no leadership and provided a terrible example and incorrect advice to the citizens on how to deal with this world crisis. We need to listen to the scientists and medical experts, not the politicians. So that is my opinion for whoever reads it until this post and yours is removed. We can blame the kids for not doing the right thing, but the old farts running the country and states need to set an example and put national interest above their own reelection.

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reality always prevails

The virus is real and reality always prevails. In April and May, the epicenter of the virus was New York City and Long Island. In just one illustration of how bad it was, temporary morgues were set up near each hospital. These were 53-foot refrigerated trailers with plywood triple-decker bunks along the left and right side. 200 trailers were in use at last count. Happily, they are no longer needed.

I am afraid that history will repeat itself in the South and West.

My Post

My post wasn't intended to be political, just a disturbing report of what I see going on around me.

Politics is certainly a contributing factor but this isn't the place to discuss it.

I miss Cabo

Go yearly to Cabo for a week or two but with Covid just not worth it for me.

I wish

Still not venturing far from home.

Going to FL

I am lucky to have aa condo in NY on Long Island on the water and a house in Florida north of Tampa.
Right now I am afraid to go back down. NY has the numbers coming down,
Florida is setting new numbers every day,

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