I snapped off the power switch on my Nuvi 255W


OK. I replaced the battery and hot glued it to keep it from rattling. The hot glue failed and I snapped off the switch from the circuit board while opening the case.I looks like it was never soldered, only stuck on with two plastic pins. I ohm-ed it out and it always looks like a short. Has any one had experience repairing/reinstalling the switch ?

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Two facilities are listed (one near the bottom) that do repairs (and have parts) but best to give them a call to make sure they still exist.

Some units on eBay could yield parts. $13 with shipping at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Garmin-Nuvi-255W-Portable-GPS-Navig... and another at $16 (with shipping) at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Garmin-Nuvi-255W-Portable-GPS-Navig...

John from PA

Thanks for the reply

I mainly wanted to get it working long enough to xfer my locations. It would be nice to keep it as a spare. I can solder as I have been in Electronics for most of my life.

Thanks again!