Friction Mount


I was looking for aq bean bag and then found this "Friction Mount made by garmin. It is now on sale in Best Buy.

Before buying it I went on line to garmen to relook at the bean bag and found this friction mount in it place. I did not see the bean bag aqnywhere on the site. I am woundering if they are replacing the beanbag mount with the friction one.

It is neat. It has fpour "fingers" with lead inside that can be shaped. Also seems it has silicon to help wheigh it down on each of the fingers. The bottom is not stickey (like those friction pads) but very soft and does help it from moving.. The mount is detachable and cvan be locked in place..
very nice equipment to have.

Anyone else have this?

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Friction mount works well

I have found the friction mount works well. It's stability on hard driving is improved by putting a "sticky pad" on the dash under the mount. They are available a WalMart and other places. They are designed to keep cell phones on the dash but are the right size for the mount.

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Just bought one, check on, grat deals

Any more reviews? does it

Any more reviews? does it work on uneven dashboards?


Friction mount worked great in Toyotas

I used mine in a new 07 Camry and a 05 Sienna van. Never once slipped. Other than being a bean bag, it was great. I had a Garmin Streetpilot 2720 a week ago and used the bean bag with it. Now my brother uses it.

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I meant the friction mount.

I meant the friction mount. Or is the friction mount the same as a bean bag mount.


I did have that mount and

I did have that mount(the one with the lead fingers) and sent it back. The beanbag mount conforms to an uneven dash much easier in my opinion. I just recently bought another at Amazon and it arrived today, although Amazon describes it as friction mount it is indeed a beanbag. Here's the link
Garmin part # for the beanbag is 010-10908-00

Friction Mount

I bought the Garmin made friction mount from Tiger GPS and it is such an improvement over the suction cup and seems to stay in postion no matter what the car does.


Garmin Friction Mount Is Excellent!

When my suction cup mount for my Garmin fell off this morning I deceided to get a friction mount instead. It was a great decesion. Now I will never have to wonder if the suction cup will fall off on long drives. Heres the link so you can see what it looks like...


Here is a review of the friction mount

Sanger wrote:

Any more reviews? does it work on uneven dashboards?


From GPS Magazine:

This is definitely better than the wind shield mount that comes with the GPS. No more unexpected drops from the windshield when driving. =)

Great mount

I purchased this mount right away and its performance is excellent.

Instead of purchasing at Best Buy (I believe the mount is $39.99 there), I would purchase from Great price, free super saver shipping, and no tax.

My Bean-Bag Mount works

My Bean-Bag Mount works quite well, and stays-put even with sudden-driving!


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fricton mount rules

It's the best - never had it slide at all. Doesn't leave any windshield marks, either!

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these friction mounts do work great...

Best bet

These are buy far the best mount that I can suggest...easy to hide and best of all no tell tale suction cup rings on the windshield! grin

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Friction mount

I have been looking at friction mounts and there seems to be a lot out there. Is there any difference b/w the Garmin 0101090800 and the 0101030600 models besides price.