Garmin 51LMT "off west?"


Never seen this in a lot of years of Garmin use. Worked fine. Powered down, next trip, car was ?west of the road I was on - consistently stayed that way for a 2mi trip. After a power down and reboot, it was fine.

Normally it thinks its off in space, then corrects itself?

was on most recent firmware, will check again w garmin express....

Hard Reset

Have you tried doing a hard reset on it after a firmware or map update?

Happens occasionally

This happens occasionally to me with my 2689. For some reason the GPS
signal is outside of the "snap too" feature and you end up with your image driving in a field. Annoying.. but as you drive into the next block of the map chances are you will snap back onto the road.

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and uses a 2689 to find my way.

thats exactly what it did.

thats exactly what it did. Hasnt done it since. Will keep updated. curious if it was a local fluke or what...

I've had that happen in some

I've had that happen in some of my older Hondas 2014, 2016 as well wherein it shows me off the road, in the ocean, who knows what. It was rare but did happen occasionally. Sometimes I think it's possible it's also interference - with all the wireless radio waves out there who knows what we can see and how it wreaks havoc on cellular signal, gps, wifi internet, etc...

I used to get that most

I used to get that most times when updating the maps. My entered routes would get corrupted and all showed the routes as "the bird flies" direct to destination. I would have to delete and restore the routes from a copy.