Nuvi backlight repair?


The backlight on my Garmin has suddenly gone dark on one side. Does anyone have a link for repair to this? Do I need a new touch screen? Are they still available?




I just ordered a LCD screen w/digitizer for my 1390T yesterday from Aliexpress for $15.22. As says it’s an original Garmin but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it’s a clone. As long as it works, who cares, most of this stuff is made in China anyways.

You don"t say which unit....

but I would look on youtube and see if it is something you want to tackle. If so ebay or amazon have to sell the replacement screen.

Here's a link to ebay. With the unit number it would be easy to find the right one.

50 LM...

Sorry I left out that it was a 50 LM. Thanks for the suggestions.
Aliexpress. I'll look up that supplier.


50 LM LcD


I have not used them but had planed to have them fix my 1450 but replaced instead.