I finally got a dash cam


It's the ROAV A1. I have to say for $56, it seems quite functional. I am even going to try mounting it in the rear just to see how it would work. I used to want a permanent one, but why spend almost $500, when it will be outdated in 1 yr.?

This unit has wifi, so I can easily review the videos on my android, and it does not come with memory, but I get that free from microcenter (class 10 32gb micro).

All in all, imho since I commute through the city, worth the money...

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Very interesting. Thanks.

dash cam

Real time Wifi motion detected alerts via the app; dual direction lenses facing front and in cabin, (or 360 degree view, if possible), parking monitor feature (may need hardwiring), and properly mountable on the dash board not the wind shield only; after all it's a DASH cam.


soberbyker wrote:
johnnatash4 wrote:

one thing that never even crossed my mind....with a dash cam, it's always writing over something....they make "endurance" micro SD cards for that.

Because normal cards are used so infrequently, I had never thought of them as having a finite life.

After my initial fascination, I have actually gone all week to work without looking at any videos, they are just "there" in case....

When I first got mine I would take the SD card (full size 64GB for my cam) and watch a few of the videos, it was cool, nice and clear for the most part. Now I only take it out when I know there's something I want to see/keep on it. I've been using the same card for a few years now.

I had an incident where I got a green light to turn right, and someone didn't yield to me coming from the other side turning left. She honked at me and cursed me out, with her illegal tints on the front windows, even though I put mine down. Went to review the video yesterday, and it showed nothing lol Because she never got ahead of me and I turned right again. All food for thought--if say there were an accident, it would behoove me to follow her so the cam got her plate.

I still haven't setup the experiment with a rear cam. The cam I bought for my mom, well, she doesn't want it, so I can leave it looking rearward...

Very informative discussion.

Very informative discussion. I've been pondering a DC!

Thank you-

Maps -> Wife -> Garmin 12XL -> StreetPilot 2610 -> Nuvi 660 (blown speaker) -> Nuvi 3790LMT

I just took

trip over the GW Bridge and google rerouted me and wanted a U turn through Jerome Ave/Bronx to save 35 min. I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff was captured on my dash cam.

Here's the interesting part. In ordering take out food, I am able to connect to my cam and easily replay something from 1 hour ago. Because it has a google map on the smartphone app, and the route can be seen, and then just click.

Sometimes I even like to verify that my light was green, and sure enough it always is....

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