GPS to be replaced?

I have seen the future and it is now!


I'll believe it when I see it!

A link that says a lot and really nothing useful.

A link with pricing??? Sure makes even a $ 400.00 Garmin sound CHEAP !!!

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I believe everything about it. Why just this morning I pulled up on my bootstraps while putting on my boots and ended up with my head stuck in the ceiling.

It is going to tell you its location based on info from other units that don't know where they are either. Yeah-sure.

Seems legit!

A web site dedicated to crypto-currency hawking a solution in search of a problem.

Too bad they can only sell $50 million in securities; I only invest in multiples of $7 billion, for luck. rolleyes

Can't See It

Unless business, Military, Airlines, etc around the world all agree for change, GPS will be here for a long time after we are all dead.

GPS Replacement??

I don't see how this technology will entirely replace GPS. I see it as an alternative to certain location based applications.

Rather than being descriptive or informative of the technology, the article seems to be more of a promotion for XYO stock IMO.

The Military Probably is already testing

A device that is independent and does not require outside equipment/support, but I think they will try to keep it secret as long as possible. The Civilian GPS was deliberately kept inaccurate for years for military reasons.

Let's see...

Agree to all of the above. Just wanted to add my $0.02...

Get tried-and-true GPS signals for free or pay for XYO (or whatever they're called) signals.

Yeah, let me know how that goes.

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