New Smartphone Link for iOS Today


Maybe tied to release of iOS 12. Downloaded and no apparent issues.

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

Version 2.9.5

The release notes simply say "We have further improved the stability the app. Enjoy your drive!"

First launch on iOS 12 connected OK but weather not showing and weather app hung and not displaying current city. Turned off car/Garmin. On restart, no weather app and Traffic settings showed provider as HERE and not Smartphone Link. No Smartphone Link icon, but seetings showed it as active.

Restarted my DriveAssist 50 and the Smartphone Link app and all is OK now.

Stable?! We'll see...

DriveAssist 50 (stolen), Nüvi 2595LMT

Thank You


Version 2.9.5 stable

Since the initial hiccups, the new 2.9.5 release has been stable for the drive to/from work.

DriveAssist 50 (stolen), Nüvi 2595LMT