2018/2019 Honda Accord & Odysey Factory Garmin Navigation Reviews/Recommendations


I'm considering a new 2018 Honda Accord Touring with navigation and a 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring with navigation. I'd be very interested to know about Honda drivers experience with the latest generation of the Garmin based navigation in the 2018+ vehicles (which from my test drive appears to be a major leap forward from the previous Honda/Acura based system which was hopelessly out of date despite purchasing annual DVD map updates). I also have a Garmin DriveSmart 70LMT which is pretty loaded with features and I don't want to step down.

My questions about the Honda 2018+ factory navigation:

Is it reliable (crashes, freezes, location accuracy, routing engine, etc.)?
Is the POI and road data current / just as good as a dashboard Garmin?
Are there shortcomings/disadvantages with the factory nav compared with a dashboard unit?
How does it compare with the alternative of Apple CarPlay?

Hmm, guess not many have

Hmm, guess not many have this yet. Also wondering if I can load POI factory files into the Garmin based factory nav.

another thread

Here is another thread on Honda nav systems. We don't know if the 2018 version is the same as earlier years. Mgarledge is our Honda expert:


It is likely POIs can be loaded but proximity alerts cannot be made to work. That leaves out red light and speed camera alerts.

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built-in v. standalone

You have to understand, that "Garmin based" doesn't mean it's this same like Garmin made standalone device. Garamin may design device, but software is usually different. So it doesn't have to work with POI files or maps updates like Garmin device. And it usually doesn't.

If you want to know what you can do with this GPS just ask at dealership or directly at Honda. Even some "unpublished" workarounds may not work with your version of nav or software.

Only car that had Garmin navigation that worked exactly like Garmin was Subaru. But they simply put in-dash mount for regular Garmin unit. But it was a few years ago and they don't do it anymore.

Honda NAV

On some Honda vehicle with Nav build in, map update must be done only at Dealer price range of Map update $200.00 +

Android Auto

That is one advantage of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay over the built ins. The maps are always as up to date as Google or Apple maps, and no update costs or dealer intervention. Of course the downside is that it requires a cell phone, signal and data connection.

I have Android Auto and still prefer my dedicated Garmin nuvi. But as Garmin seems to be on the decline and potentially gradually backing away from the dedicated PND's, I still would not buy a built-in and would instead select a car with Android Auto/Apple Car Play.

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I've a 2017 civic w/gps nav system

-large screen
-easy to read

-cant iport pois
-Cant import from other gps (3597)
-many functions disabled if vehicle is in motion
-updates only once a year.
-unable to have different dash & gps brightness
-no school warnings
-software is buggy and they wont fix it

Garmin licenceses the name and thats where it ends.

Call Garmin, talk w/their tech support team and ask them about it

My Software is pre 2010 level in functions

My vote stay away

Ibe a post somewhere on here describing it all

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new info!

In a recent thread on this site, I just found that proximity alerts for POI files such as red light and speed cameras can run on an Android phone using Google Maps and navigation, and possibly Waze:


Credit goes to charlesd45.

The 2018 Honda Accord audio system display includes Android Auto that interfaces with the phone using a USB cable. The navigation runs on the phone and is displayed on the car audio display. The car touchscreen can be used and the car listens for Android voice commands using a button on the steering wheel.

The apps needed are the POI Loader app and Radardroid app, both available at the Play Store. For non-members of POI Factory, the POI Factory app is also needed from the Play Store.

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Honda Nav Map Update

Holy Cow ! $200 for an update. That's crazy. I am looking at a new Honda Pilot, but will see if I can get the extras I want without getting the Navigation system.

android auto

Buy whatever model comes with a large enough dashboard display that has Android Auto. It doesn't need Honda navigation.

Navigation runs on the Android phone and displayed on the dashboard display. It uses Google Maps, not the internal Honda maps. See charlesd45's post on the apps needed for POIs:


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Android Auto

The download if needed for Android Auto can be found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.and... . Video info preview https://www.android.com/auto/

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Android Auto.

I have used Android Auto for almost a year now and I have been trying to like it. But, there is just no way it measures up in function and features to my Garmin 3597 with Smartphone Link.

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Nice car nav. it sounds like you have there.

I can't wait to get into a newer vehicle myself.