4 inch phones that are not an iPhone SE


I like small form factor smartphones. I already have an iPhone SE. I hope Apple will release a refresh in a similar for factor. I've also been wanting to transition to Android, but I can't find any premium end phones in a small form factor.

Any recommendations?

maybe this can help

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Display trends make 4" screens obsolete except as novelties

The trend has been moving to larger screens for some time now. The upcoming Apple devices are going to have 5.7 or 5.8" as the minimum size. Many Android devices are switching from a 16:9 screen to an 18:9 screen, making it narrower, but are also increasing the screen size to 6" or more.

Screens smaller than 5" simply aren't available anymore because the benefits of having more screen real estate outweigh the liabilities. 5" is the minimum, and I predicted that back in 2010 when I received my Dell Streak with its 5" screen. You can see the progression in screen sizes simply from looking at the devices I owned.

List of my phones

The screen sizes of my smartphones, from 2009 to now, were 3, 3.2, 5, 5, 5.96, and 6 inches (18:9 format). The "sweet spot" for screen size has been 5.7" for years now, thanks to Samsung's Galaxy Note line.

If you want a new device, it's going to have at least a 5" screen. The best of the 5" screens is the Pixel 2 as it's not going to be much larger than your old iPhone while packing modern hardware. If that's still too large, devices with tiny 2.4" screens do exist and are inexpensive, but they're virtually unusable for anything, even calls.

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