adding poi to a kenworth


is anyone familiar with adding poi to built in gps to kenworth trucks

Robert Tschetter

must be a garmin

From an internet search, it appears the Kenworth NavPlus GPS is a Garmin. That is good! It would be similar to some other brands which are Garmin inside.

One is Kenwood. Kenwood and Kenworth are two brands which have nothing to do with each other. It may be that the Kenworth GPS is similar to the Kenwood GPS in that they are both Garmin.

There must be several USB ports in the rig, some for power only, one for the radio/stereo, and there will be one for updating the GPS. Look in the owner's manual for the location of this USB port and how to use it for updating the GPS. This same USB port would also be used for loading POI files.

Take a look at a thread on this site for instructions on how to load POI using a USB flash drive or an SD card in some cases. Member sallysky figured it out:

There may be limitations on the number of POIs that are not a problem with aftermarket GPSs. Also, not many members here have Kenwood GPSs and you are the first Kenworth member we have heard from.

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Garmin/PACCAR/NavPlus site

See this Garmin FAQ on updating Kenworth GPSs:

The link Garmin provides for PACCAR must be accessed with Internet Explorer. Other browsers will not work:

This is all about updating the map or the software for the GPS - nothing about loading POIs. The same USB port will be used to load POIs.

For all Garmin GPSs, Garmin does not support loading POIs, so there will be no help in the owner's manual or on the PACCAR site about loading POIs. The members on this site have the best information available about loading POIs.

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Mgarledge's honda FAQ

Mary has an FAQ for the Honda auto GPS that she figured out. It may or may not be the same as a Kenwood GPS or a Kenworth GPS, because it refers to .kml files:

Mary shows how to organize the POIs. The file and folder structure in the USB flash drive is the key to success.