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Been a long while since posting on this forum, due to the fact the car I recently purchased had a built in GPS. Had to drive to LA over the holidays and realized how much I missed my old 3790 (which died).

So have been looking at a refurbished 2589LMT on either GPS City or Amazon that gets the GPS from GPS City. If I purchase from Amazon it's a few bucks cheaper. So am at a little quandary as to which company to buy from.

So thought I'd post here to see if anyone has had experience buying a unit from Amazon that comes from GPS City?

Thanks for any help....


I don't think you will go wrong either way ... especially if the one at Amazon is "fulfilled by Amazon". I have successfully purchased many items "fulfilled by Amazon" although not specifically from GPSCity, but wouldn't hesitate to do so. So I would probably opt for the lowest price.

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Availability is more important than a small price difference. and have consistently had refurbs of different models available over a long period of time at very low prices, so I think that we should be supporting them.

They also have a great deal of information on their websites to help you buy the right product, whether it is a GPS or an accessory. GPS City has free shipping, but compare the price for the product in addition to any shipping cost for the total cost.

I deal with The GPS Store for GPSs and marine products. They have been great and the shipping is very prompt.

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GPS City

I've bought a refurbed Garmin from GPS City and all was great. But then, if Amazon lets GPS City sell through them and it's a couple bucks cheaper, I'd go with Amazon too. Make sure the warranty is the same though.

The two things I can think to say about Amazon recently are:

1) It's always better when buying from Amazon to be buying from Amazon directly or from another vendor but Fulfilled by Amazon. In some respects, buying now from Amazon is a lot like buying from eBay. When dealing with a 3rd part vendor (which is not the case in what you are looking at), be careful buying from Amazon 3rd party vendors shipped by the vendor—sometimes delivery could take weeks coming from China, etc. and also Amazon's Asian Sellers do have occasional issues with counterfeit items, etc.

2) If you're not a Prime Customer, shipping from Amazon using the free shipping option may result in fairly substantial delays before they ship the item to the buyer. If you're in a hurry, I'll bet that GPS City would deliver your device a good week before Amazon might.

Both Are Great to Deal With

I've purchased many items from GPS City, including 4 GPS refurbs, over the years and never had a problem. Their "no questions asked" return policy is as good as Amazons.

I'd go with Amazon though if you can get the 2589 cheaper and maybe qualify for free shipping. As CraigW says, it could take a bit longer to ship though.

is it really a garmin refurb?

Another important issue is whether the refurb was actually done by Garmin.

From time to time we have had reports here of refurbs where there were indications someone else had done, or not done, the refurb.

About two years ago we had several threads about many nuvi 3597s, actually refurbed by Garmin, which were apparently new, available over a long period of time. Some contributors to these threads wrote about refurbs from other sources that did not have a clean factory software install, or would not accept a map update.

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I think

Getting service, support or help from GPS City is likely to be a lot easier than contacting Amazon.. Sometimes... saving a couple of $$ is not the wisest choice.

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Bought From Both

I've bought from both. Had no issues either way. I recall the days of purchasing at GPS City when they had a storefront in Las Vegas. They moved to a new location in Las Vegas and now the sign on the door says online sales only. They won't entertain walk ins. Anyway, GPS City is still a decent vendor but it's been awhile since I've used them honestly.

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Thank you all for the info.

Thank you all for the info. I called Gpscity this morning and asked about price difference. They basically said that I could go either way as the units are the same and marketing does come into play. So decided to go with Amazon...

Customer Service

I have bought from both (through the past 11 years more that 15 Garmins), and I would stick to Amazon.

Anytime I have had an issue with Amazon it is resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. GPS City (Canada and the US) just suck and don't have a clue about customers or service.

Stick with Customer Service over will never be sorry.


I buy a ton of stuff from and Never had a problem yet. But, I only buy Sold and Shipped by Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon only.

GPS City

I too have bought a few refurbs from GPS City. Never had an issue so I never had to deal with customer service. Price was excellent, units were like new, (one or two did not come in the original box but I didn't mind), and all are still in service. Some of these were gifts to family members and some were for me. All have been excellent.

Got the GPS from Amazon

Got the GPS from Amazon yesterday. Uploaded all the software and maps. Turned on and is working just fine. Also, it looks as if it is brand new. Its bigger (thicker) than my old 3790 but not a big deal. And with GPS city stating it came from them and would be identical to whatever they sold, it should work out great. Of course, time will tell...

thanks again...

White Garmin box is a

White Garmin box is a refurb, Colored and Logo marked box in New, in the Box. Never connected to a Satellite.

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If price and product are the same

I prefer Amazon. I do have prime but I love the Amazon lockers. Not sure if they are in all major markets but having a smaller but expensive item delivered to a locker vs placing on the door step if I won't be home is a big plus for me.

No bad choice here. I

No bad choice here. I imagine that the cheaper price on Amazon helps GPS City in the volume of sales. They are a reliable company.

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