Has Garmin ever added new voice commands?


Has Garmin ever added new voice commands with firmware upgrades?

I've almost gotten to the point where I don't have to touch my NuviCam screen while driving, but I wish there were a few additional voice commands.

Traffic, weather, and camera come to mind

Not Aware of Any

IMO, my trusty old Nuvi 855 had a superior voice command system as perhaps did other earlier models. Although problematic with its remote control module, it offered many more options including:

Audible Player
Cancel Route
Find Address
Find City
Find Favorite
Find Place by Category
Find Place by Name
Find Recently Found
Go Home
Hands Free
Main Menu
Music Player
Stop Listening
Tools Menu
Trip Computer
View Map
Volume Down
Volume Up
Where Am I?
Where To?

Some have a subset of other commands when opened.

You could also speak any text displayed on the screen to select it which made the function very versatile.

As far as I know, these are the only voice commands now available on my newer Garmin units:

View Map
Find Place
Find Category
Find Intersection
Recently Found
Go Home (when a Home location is set)
Find Address
Find City
Saved Places
Stop Route (when a Route is set)

Some have a subset of commands available when opened.

If you have a phone paired with the unit, the command "Phone" is also available with the subset commands:

Dial Number
Call Home
Phone Book
Call history

I have no experience with the NiviCam and your voice command menu may be different.

I agree that it would be helpful to have voice commands for the Smartphone Link app.

Another would be a subset command for "Saved" under the categories menu.

My experience is limited to the 8xx series and the newer Nuvi's purchased within the last 5 years or so. Garmin may have other voice command systems I'm not aware of.

Sadly, it appears to me the feature is less functional on newer units.

855 Voice commands

bdhsfz6 wrote:

IMO, my trusty old Nuvi 855 had a superior voice command system as perhaps did other earlier models.

I fully agree. With the 855 you could actually navigate through the pages to get where you wanted, totally hands free! With my 3597, I can never quite get where I want without using the touch screen.

3597 over 855 for me

I operated an 855 for at least two years. In that time I did not find the voice control to be of much use to me, and fell away from using it. One severe problem was that the success the unit had in recognizing place names was so bad as to make voice search of stores and such well nigh useless.

The 3790 was so good at recognizing addresses that using voice entry became my preferred address input method. It also was dramatically more likely to give me a useful result by speaking the name of a place, so I used that function some.

The 3597 is somewhat less likely to give me the correct address on first try. On the plus side it lets you put in a whole address in a single step. which saves time when it works. But I think the 3790 used the earlier address components to constrain the later possibilities, and gained recognition accuracy from it. Still, the 3597 does well enough at more of the voice functions that my use of voice control is at an all-time high, and still rising.

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Thanks. I use some , but

Thanks. I use some , but sometime, it is hard to get the right place.

If the NUVI is setup to be

If the NUVI is setup to be in another country - like UK for example. The voice commands change to different phrases.

855 voice command vs 3597

I tend to agree with archae86. The newer units like the 3597 are better with addresses which need to match street names and places, words not specifically programmed into their "vocabulary". In fact I don't think the old 8xx devices could even do that. So the newer devices are better with finding places based on saying the name or address of the place. But the old 855 definitely has the edge when it comes to navigating the nuvi menus for known phrases. When it provided a list of matches, you just said the number from the list and with its limited vocabulary, it was almost always accurate. But try to find something not findable by simple list searches ... well you just couldn't.

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