Please educate me on "Where I've Been"


Is there a FAQ that covers "Where I've Been" aka Track Logs or Trip Logs?

Everything regarding those logs is working fine on my NuviCam. I've added a 32 GB microSD card on the mapping side and replaced the 4 GB microSD card on the camera side with a 64 GB card.

Will my "Where I've Been" logs automatically get archived or deleted? I hope they stay present for an extended period of time, as I use my vehicle for business.

Thanks so much for educating me.

Where I've been


On my unit a certain amount of trip log is stored and then the oldest is deleted. Mine will hold most of a trip from Montana to Michigan anecdotally. You can preserve these logs in some mapping software. This can come in handy if logs are helpful but you don't regularly travel these routes, and don't want to save anything to a route. I have used ExpertGPS for years, but I'm sure there are many choices. You can likely do it with Basecamp, but I don't use it.

GPS Track Archiv

Different receivers archive tracks for differing amounts of time. Driving 40mi/day my 855 would archive ~2 weeks of travel. with my 3597, ~4 months of travel is archived. For the 3597, the most recent 20 GPX files of ~2MB size each are saved. I do a straight file copy from the GPS to my PC to archive files. Examination of the archived files requires a mapping program that understands GPX. I have found that with the 3597 (but not the 855)some small segments of the route are not recorded if you are navigating the route.

There used to be a10,000 or

There used to be a10,000 or 50,000 point limit. Not waypoint.

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