Imported with invalid Format


My Elks Lodge, Baskin Robbins, and a few others did not download to my Rand McNally. The notation was "Imported with invalid Format" I downloaded the information in the correct CSU format.
Can someone help me with this?


Testing on Elk Lodge file

I did some testing and was able to load this file successfully.
Did you possibly open these two files with Excel before saving? I know that Rand McNally units have difficulty with that so it's best to download the CSV file that has been created from a GPX and says for Rand McNally next to it.

If that doesn't seem to solve the issue, then perhaps you give us a couple of file names you download that were successful so we can check for discrepancies between these and those.



All CSV means

All CSV means is Comma Separated Variable. It doesn't imply anything other than the elements within the file are separated from one another using a comma. The use of the term CSV doesn't mean a file is correct for one particular use or another. In fact, the formats for Garmin and Rand McNally files are only similar for the first three fields and correct for the first two, latitude and longitude being in decimal format. The third field will import into an RM unit probably 99% of the time but it will have an improper format if it includes the quotation symbol which, for Garmin, means the comma located between the two quotation marks does not mark the end of a field.

The other issue, which Globe Turtle touched on, is the CSV file format for a complete listing for a single location has up to four positions for Garmin but has up to 9 for RM. The CSV files found on POI-Factory are correct for either Tom-Tom or Garmin as Tom-Tom uses the first 3 positions of a Garmin format CSV file. The Garmin CSV format requires 3 fields with the fourth being the "optional" description field. It is the Description field in a Garmin file that causes the RM Dock software to post the error message of improper format as they don't recognize the quotation symbol the same as Garmin's POI Loader software.

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