2 replacement 720 have low volume


I've been sent 2,ran mcnally 720 truck gps replacement unit. Both have very bad low volume.I've called and called for a year now with problems routing me .so they sent me so far 2 refurbished 720 gps units,both have very low volume ?has any one else had this problem .I like the gps 720 but with the low volume, I have to keep my eye on every time I get close to have to make turns or ill miss my turn.my unit I turned in had loud volume ,some times I turned it down because it was to loud.iam now very dissatisfied with customer service .every time I talk to them about the low volume on the 2 720 gps units they sent me I fell there not hearing me .they keep sending me these low volume 720 old refurbished units.i was told by one lady there that really made me mad with here .answers saying use a Ext ion speaker ,I tried that it doesn't get any louder may be a little lower volume .the preamp must not be much of nothing in it .I have to send back this unit before I get a nother replacement unit but I only get home one a month so will have to weight till first of the month a gain !"has any one else having these volume problems? Jerry moseley

external speaker

What happened with the external speaker? Still low volume?

I tried a battery-powered external speaker with an amplifier inside on my (car) Garmin nuvi 760 and it worked fine. It's a good thing there is an audio out jack on the 720.

How about updating the software? This can be done by connecting the 720 to a computer and running Dock software.

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low volume

I have the TND 730 the volume is so low that I can not hear it,I to have had 2 replacement and it is all the same,and I and also having routing issues it sends me 50 or so miles out of route

low volume

I also have the 730 and volume is very very low that I can not hear it in the truck

connected to exetrnal speaker?

Is this problem exists if you connect GPS to external speaker (like line in connector in car stereo)? If it works fine through external speaker it means that speaker or amplifier in GPS is damaged. If so only way is to exchange it for new unit, until they get it right.