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I have an old Garmin Nuvi 200 and when I plug it into the built-in USB port in my truck, or a non-Garmin charger in the cigarette lighter, it gives me a screen indicating that it thinks its plugged into a computer and is awaiting a download. That's all it will do. If I plug in the factory charger it works fine but any other mini-USB cable seems to make it think its plugged into a computer. I can get away with the factory charged but it sticks way out of the cigarette lighter and the cable is about 2 1/2 times longer then I need so that lays coiled on the center console around the cup holders and such. I wanted to use a nice short coiled USB / mini-USB cable to keep things neat.

Why won't these other cables work correctly? Also, is there either a factory or aftermarket coiled cable that will work plugging into the trucks USB port or that other charger? Is there some type of setting on the Nuvi that will prevent it from thinking its plugged into a computer?

(I know, I should get get a new one since this one's so old but it does what I want it to...usually).



The pinout configuration is different for USB cables meant for charging vs those meant for data. There are many variations in cable design as well as the USB pin configuration of the Nuvi itself. To compound the problem, not all vehicle USB ports are consistent. Some provide only 1A of current which isn't enough to power most Nuvi's.

Assuming your vehicle USB port provides enough power, You can probably find a cable that will work on your old Nuvi but it will be trial and error.

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cigar lighter adapter

Do not use the built-in USB port in the car to power the nuvi. Use a 12 volt to USB adapter that plugs in to the cigar lighter receptacle.

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Do not use the built-in USB port in the car to power the nuvi. Use a 12 volt to USB adapter that plugs in to the cigar lighter receptacle.

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This will work only if you have proper USB cable, that will be recognized as "power cable" by GPS. With any other cable Nuvi will switch to storage mode.

As bdhsfz6 said above, it's not about where Nuvi is connected but what cable is used for connection.

USB cable

Any USB cable will work, but it may mean that you have to plug-in and unplug a couple of times. I have used an old Blackberry charger without any problems.

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Nuvi 2595 thinks its downloading

My nuvi 2595 when connected to my cirgarette lighter will suddenly go into download mode, then back into driving or trip mode (loading maps), then back into download mode, and then back into the driving mode and so forth.

Does anybody think the problem is with the power cable or the nuvi GPS itself? How would I check?

nuvi 2595

The nuvi 2595 has an intermittent 12 volt power connection, and the battery is partly discharged.

Charge the nuvi battery using a Garmin wall charger or any brand wall charger with a mini-USB connector. Last choice is the Garmin USB cable to plug in to a computer. This provides half the current of a wall charger. Charge the nuvi 5 hours. Make sure the computer does not sleep.

The problem is an intermittent connection in the vehicle power cable or its connections at either end.

On one end, cigar lighter connections are notorious for not making proper contact. Change to another socket or have a new one installed. Make sure the Garmin vehicle cable is plugged in all the way.

On the other end is the mini-USB connection to the nuvi itself. Make sure the cable is not being pulled to one side. Can you wiggle this connector and produce a reboot in the nuvi? That's bad.

Worst case, the mini-USB socket inside the nuvi could have pulled away from the circuit board and must be resoldered. This needs professional help. A POI Factory member repairs GPSs:

The wiggle test should show which location is causing the problem.

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