Nuvi 205W, Broken Graphics. ( Interface)


Hello, i have a problem with an unit, its an 205W, the problem is that when you are navigating through the interface, the "graphics" or "buttons" start disappearing, glitching ( they start breaking in half, and some kind of " noise" starts appearing on the screen).

Its not the screen, this is an interface issue, or bug. How can i fix it? And i dont have a backup. Thanks in advance.


Do a reset. All stored data will be lost. For a Forerunner 205 -

Or is it a Garmin Nuvi 205W?

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nuvi 205W

I don't mean to be dismissive, but the nuvi 205W was a wonderful device in its day, but lets face it ... a 9 year old electronic device is probably on its last leg, certainly not worth repairing as the 205 nuvi was a "low end" device even in its prime.

Dobs108 advice is good .. always worth trying a master reset. And if you haven't already done it, hook up to Garmin Express and make sure you have all the current updates. It could also need (and probably does need) a new battery, but it is unlikely that the problem you describe is a battery problem. If the obvious fixes don't work, it is time to move on to a new device or a smartphone app.

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Almost certainly a hardware issue

OP, you cannot immediately discount a hardware issue simply because the screen looks in good condition. Your issue strongly implies a GPU failure. Since the GPU is part of the CPU, your best option is to tag and bag the corpse. While sourcing a replacement CPU isn't difficult, performing the replacement may well be, especially if the CPU uses solder balls for its connection to the motherboard.

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Thanks to everyone for the

Thanks to everyone for the quick answers. I tried doing Master Resets and then hooking it up to the Express, it still does the same.
Analyzing the device now it seems indeed its a GPU failure, or maybe the Northbridge is failing. So Strephon is absolutely right.
Im going to tell the person to replace the device. Thanks!