Repeating voice guidance with Garmin nuvi 57?


Is there any way to have a Garmin nuvi 57 (or similar models) repeat a spoken voice instruction, in the event I didn't hear it or fully understand it?

I checked the Garmin FAQ, and tried searching these forums, but did not find an answer.



I am guessing that the instructions the GPS gives in text-to-speech are inherent in its internal software. There is no such setting in my 3597 to change away from one-time.

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There was, at one time. In

There was, at one time. In the oder models. My 530 and 760 had that provision. But I can't find any provision for it now.

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Try tapping the "next turn" icon

On my models, tapping the "next turn" icon calls up the next turn info and repeats the spoken turn directions.

Well, I'll be daggoned!

Well, I'll be daggoned! Works on my Dezl 770, Dezl 760, and Nuvi 2597! How about that, learned something new today. Just goes to show, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks, Johnc!

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Before the turn

When in navagation mode you always get a notice a short distance before the turn.Once you get the first notice and if you failed to hear it .Touching the arrow top left will repeat location for the same turn again.Once you passed it then it will be for next turn. That is how it works for the Nuvi 2597.

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Touching the "arrow & distance" in the top-left corner does repeat the instruction on my nuvi 57 (as well as show a long text version of it, and a view of the turn on a split-screen).

I had tried tapping the bar across the top (just to the right of it, with the text summary of the instruction) but that didn't do it.

Thanks all.

learn something new every day

Been here 7 years and learn something new every day!

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not always...

Just a brief update on this. Tapping the mentioned on-screen button does *usually* work, but not always.

Sometimes, it'll give a voice direction in the middle of a stretch such as "continue on ___ Street" or "be in any of the left 3 lanes in ___ miles". These are not repeated when tapping the subject button. Instead, the instructions for the next turn are given.