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need a pic

We were not able to get a picture to put up of this city, does anyone have a nice pic of the city that I can post on our metro project page?

Miss Poi

Picture of Downtown Columbia

Here is a link to a picture I took of part of downtown Columbia. If you put your mouse over the picture on the right of the screen you will see several size options (Small, medium, large, and original). Click on one of those sizes and it will open that pic, then you can right-click it and save to your system.


Just a start

Well, I wanted to figure out how this works, so I have entered several of my favorite restaurants. I have found out that Google Earth ain't real accurate with street addresses, so I will have to get the coordinates manually. Sigh.

Can I add a new category or is that something you will have to do? I want to create a category for "Attractions".


I will get you set up with

I will get you set up with an "attractions" database to fill.

Miss Poi


I have a bunch of attractions ready to be added as soon as you get me that database. wink


Ok, you are all set

Ok, you are all set up;)

Miss Poi