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I posted a similar thread about another unit. Sorry if I'm a bother. I am looking to upgrade my XXL 540. It's 4 years old and has served me very well but has run out of space. I'm very leery of the new GO series because of mixed reviews I have seen and limited functionality. I am looking at the VIA 1605M which is still available at Amazon as a possibility. 2 Features that I really want are itinerary planning and the ability to install custom POI files as well as warning when nearing POIs. Also I'm assuming that this is a unit with computer generated voice instructions (eg street names)

Any input is appreciated.


No question is a bother

I don't know about this unit but I will post to keep this thread active until someone on here who knows about this unit sees the post.
Sorry I can't help but it is no bother, all questions are great and there is an answer for them from someone.

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I do not have the 1605 myself,

but I do know people who have had it since it was first introduced and are very happy with it. One of those owners says that he thinks that the screen is the best of any TomTom he has used - and he has been a Beta tester for them who has used a very high percentage of the TomTom units.

His one complaint about the screen is that its touch function is done by a resistive connection instead of a capacitive connection. (If my memory is correct, the XXL540 is also a resistive screen, so you should have a standard of comparison.)

As I recall, the Via 1605 has everything that you mention above, EXCEPT that it will not do true itinerary planning. You can use up to 3 waypoints when planning a route, but to have waypoints beyond that number you have to break up your trip into multiple segments. Saving those segments with sequential names such as Leg-1, Leg-2, etc. can have the effect of getting you around that limitation, but at the cost of a little extra work.

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Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the answers. I have ordered this unit and should have it tomorrow.