POI files and TomTom VIA 1605


Since purchasing my new TomTom I've been customizing it with the same POI files I had on my old one, most of them I got here. Anyway for the old unit I would download the CSV file and convert it to .ov2 with POI Editor. Is there any way to convert the CSV files so that the addresses of the POIs are displayed on my TomTom? It seems that even though the CSV files have addresses they don't transfer when I convert to .ov2.

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why don't you download the OV2 files?

Because the ones that looked

Because the ones that looked at don't have addresses. The CSV files do.


BCfromKY wrote:

Because the ones that looked at don't have addresses. The CSV files do.

Files have only three fields. CSV has four. If you know what you are doing you can combine fields 3 and 4 so you get addresses.

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not sure why, I have a 1605 and the POI do not show the address. What I do is take the Garmin CSV file usually and break out all the elements name, street number street, city, zip, phone and any other info into a M-class csv file, use EPE to convert it to an OV2 file and load it to my 1605, the address do not show up.

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I do know how to combine the cells, I was just thinking that with a newer unit it may do it directly.

blake7mstr if you combine the 3rd and 4th columns of the CSV file the address will show. Here's how to do it.

In cell E1 type =C1&" "&D1

Copy that formula to every cell in column E

Co[y the entire columd D and then PASTE SPECIAL VALUES into column F

Delete Columns C, D and E SAVE

Convert that to an .ov2 file