Seeking info on TomTom START 55M


I'm possibly going to replace my XXL 540 and was looking at this unit. Even though it has been discontinued by TomTom it is still available on Amazon. For anyone familiar with this unit i have a couple of questions about it. Does it have Itinerary planning like the XXL 540? Also can 3rd party POI files like those here be loaded to it.



Wow, that is one old GPS. It was a new GPS in the middle of 2010. grin

Good for you, in keeping it on the road that long. My 540 still works but I probably haven't used it in at least 2 years.

To answer your question, it looks like the 55m does NOT have itinerary planning but from the first post in the following thread, it looks like downloadable POIs may be supported as the poster mentioned copying his POIs from an older unit to the 55:

BUT reading further through that thread it looks like it is possible to add itinerary planning.

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