Garmin. Smartlink problem


I have a problem with the garmin smartlink app. I receive all the weather and photo cameras on my cell but not on my 2797. There are times when it works but mostly its not, I checked the bluetooth and that and smartlink are connected to the gps. Sure could use help here.

Jailbroken iPhone??

I used to have a jailbroken iPhone and although the bluetooth would connect the data transfer was not always working correctly. Bluetooth audio was not good either. After I restored the phone to factory settings it worked fine. Not saying this is what you have but was what happened to me. Not SmartLink apps issue.



Jailbroken phone have no affect on the app. Delete the App and redownload and install it should work.

Pair the iphone to the GPS again and as long you have data it will connect and transfer weather.

Hope this helps,

Same Problem

I have the same issue with my Iphone5 and Nuvi3597. I tried African's idea of deleting the Smartlink app and reinstalling it which worked initially. After a few days, the problem returned. As you mentioned, the app on the phone displays correctly but some and occasionally none of the icons appear on the GPS even though the units are paired correctly.

I discovered that if I press the small blue Smartlink icon at the top left of the main Smartlink app screen on the Iphone, it opens the connect sub menu. Even though it says "connected", it somehow "restarts" the system and everything works correctly. I have no idea why but it works every time I have this problem.

I'm not sure if it will work with your smartphone and 2797 but it's worth a try.