Toronto 680news traffic new app


There is a new 680news traffic app that will announce traffic along your route and will announce traffic along your route. the app is called 680news traffic and free from appstore or android google store.

Any comments and do you like it or is there a better app that offers traffic without a paid subscription.


Just as all others, it requires a DATA plan at how much a month?

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Google Maps and Waze for Toronto

I tried downloading the app. Google Play said it was not compatible with my Nexii - Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.

So... I downloaded it to my wife's Samsung Galaxy Tab, which was compatible. After the app crashed for the fifth time, I decided it wasn't worth investing any more time in it. sad

Have been happily using Google Maps and Waze in the GTA for over two years now.

EDIT: ...and still love our Nuvi and TomTom of course grin

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