NYC announces Speed Cameras in use (mostly in school zones)


NYC announced this week that they are going to deploy approximately 20 speed cameras. Their intention is to put them into school zones.

(Personal Opinion) People shouldn't speed in school zones nor should they pass stopped school buses with the red lights flashing.

That said, it might be helpful to compile a list of school zones to remind people to slow down and be aware of the potential of a child darting into the street.

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A School zones POI is possible, at least for Garmin devices

See link for procedure:

NYC speed cameras

If the cameras will be installed mostly around school districts , will they be in effect 24 hours a day or only between school hours like 7:00AM to 6:00PM?

Michael J

What, you expect the

What, you expect the jurisdictions to miss out on potential revenue??? C'est impossible!


We have requested a FOIL

For all the camera locations in New York City, both speed and red light. We have been notified that they have received our request but that is as far as it has gone.


splitting hairs

Angela wrote:

We have requested a FOIL

Actually, you file a request for the information inder the Freedom of Information Act. The request is called a FOIA Request and it's to FOIL those in public office that want to hide something.

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