Garmin Nuvi AMPS Adapter Mount


I had posted recently that I was looking at using the vehicle specific mount in my Chevrolet Silverado for a Garmin Nuvi 350/360, but didn't realize until tonight that Garmin themselves have a Nuvi AMPS Adapter Mount! I did a bit more research and found that it has been discussed at GPS Passion several years ago. Anyway, I was all set to buy it direct from Garmin at $5.00, but apparently it reduced it to $4.50 based on a 10% off Code: REGPROMO0000149309. Anyway, I also saw that ground shipping is $8.00. Then I checked GPS City and found it is $4.95 and ships for $1.99, for a total of $6.94. Before I spring for this, has anybody here used this? I did notice that the reviews at GPS City are quite favorable!

EDIT: I see that it HAS already been discussed here.

I was the one that posted the original thread 5 years ago

I was the one that posted the original thread about 5 years ago. I had installed one in my Mercedes back then and it worked great. It was very solid and didn't really show very much at all when the Garmin cradle wasn't mounted.

This is a photo from back then:

GM Built-in Navigation system - Samsung S6 Edge+ Smartphone with Garmin Viago, Google Maps & HERE Apps

Garmin Nuvi AMPS Adapter Mount

I just thought that I would pass along an update on this to get everybody's mind off of CN 2014.1 for a moment. I did get two of the Garmin AMPS mounts recently.

I installed on in my 1996 Chevrolet Silverado pickup that already had a Panavise VSM installed. The Garmain accessory does not come with hardware, so I had to stop by a store and get some bolts. Installing the device and moving it down from the windshield suction cup mount to the dash seems to be a good move. It puts the Garmin Nuvi closer to the driver, thus it is easy to input data and see the screen.

I also bought a Panavise VSM for my 2010 Honda Accord. It was very easy to install. The most difficult part is removing the interior automobile trim without causing any damage. In the Honda it places the Garmin Nuvi a bit lower than the pickup due to a smaller vehicle. I like the fact that the Nuvi isn't right on the dash inviting theft. In fact, some people have suggested that even removing a GPS from a windshield mount, but leaving the suction cup mount in place, may still invite theft under the theory that a potential thief may suspect that the GPS is simply out of sight, but still in the vehicle.

Anyway, for anybody considering a VSM mount should not be dissuaded from either the difficulty of the installation or the cost. The price is reasonable, particularly if you shop around, and it is not that difficult to do.