Storing the Garmin Map Update to the SD card


Success. Reading the Garmin topic: "Available now City Navigator 2013.40 North America" proved very informative.

I was getting, on prior updates, the insufficient space message. After a bit of fumbling around with the prior updates, I was able to get the maps on the Nuvi650 device and SD card. Reading the above post really clarified how to get the updated maps efficiently onto the SD card.

It also helped that one of our local drugstores had an 8GB SD card on sale to replace the 2GB SD card. According to Garmin, the Nuvi650 can now accept an 8GB SD card. So far everything appears to be functioning correctly.{ebe0eac0-049f-11dd-dc9c-000000000000}

    Method 1:

I just tested this out and it worked. This is courtesy of alandb. I simplified what he suggested by simply copying the \Garmin folder on my Nuvi to the SD card. Also Garmin Express recognized the SD card so I did not have to login. So I essentially started with step #4. Worked very well and was simpler than the instructions sound.

1) Fomat the SD card FAT32.
2) Create folder \Garmin on the card.
3) Copy file garmindevice.xml from your nuvi into the \Garmin folder of the SD.
4) Disconnect your nuvi and put the SD card in your computer's card reader. Log into The SD card will be recognized as your nuvi
5) Proceed with the map update using MapUpdater as normal. When it is finished, you will have the 3 map files in the \Garmin folder of the SD card. They will be named gmapprom.img, gmapprom.unl and gmapprom.gma.
6) Rename the map files to gmapsupp.img, gmapsupp.unl and gmapsupp.gma.
7) Insert the SD card in your nuvi and boot. You should now be running with the new maps on the SD card. Look at Map Info to make sure the correct maps are enabled.

    Method 2:

Download the Garmin map to your computer and then install it to the SD with MapInstall. Worked without a problem.

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

Two things to remember

Steve R. wrote:
    Method 2:

Download the Garmin map to your computer and then install it to the SD with MapInstall. Worked without a problem.

Two things to remember when using MapInstall from a computer map to create a nuvi map:

-Junction View and other features available to many nuvis will be missing after the City Navigator map update since MapInstall only creates the map file (and needed unlock files).

-When using MapInstall to a nuvi that already has a map file, MapInstall will not delete or overwrite the original map, and a manual delete is needed to avoid major space issues. This may or may not be a problem when using MapInstall to create a map on a SD card that already has a previous map present.

All in all, the alandb clone method is the best to use for nuvi models that are not offered the auto-map-update-to-SD option and Garmin's auto-SD method is best for the nuvis that can be directly updated to SD.

It's good to hear things worked for you--and the 650 is without the newer features like Junction View so MapInstall is OK for this series.

MapUpdater SD support

alandb posted a very useful link to a Garmin Fact Sheet.{0b087770-5dba-11e1-dd60-000000000000}

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

excellent information thanks

excellent information


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Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC