Hidden Files and Folders


I have a 765T and do not think that I have any hidden files or folders on this unit. If anyone thinks I am mistaken with this assumption, please let me know

What I am hoping is that I can get some help with in determining whether a technique I use for backups (using ISO files to DVDs) will write out hidden files/folders regardless of how the options in "Folder Options" are set.

I just ran Imgburn to create an ISO.

Then, I went back into Folder Options and reset my selections to
1) hide protected operating system files, and
2) Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives

Then I used Imgburn to create a second ISO (both ISOs saved in c:\User\MyISOs).

I looked at the two ISOs and they were identical (and I reset my settings in Folder Options to those we all recommend).

I am wondering what happens if anyone with a .system folder did the same thing I just did.

I also wonder what happens when someone with a unit that comes in MTP mode has two ISO backups made (one in MTP mode and another in mass storage mode)

My hope is that the ISO will contain (and be able to show using 7Zip) the entire contents of units regardless of Folder Option settings and MTP settings.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Keep in mind that you cannot access/copy the actual operating system files. I'm sure you're aware of this.