CSV File format


Is it possible to change other file formats to CSV ? AS I wouod like to use the Flying J/Pilot POI in my
Rand-McNally 7710
If so how ? Let me know at garyandbarb.walker@gmail.com

G. Walker

Convert GPX to CSV

To use GPX files with your Rand McNally, you'll first need to convert them to CSV format.

"Extra POI Editor" is a good tool for converting files to CSV. It's a free program written by one of the users at POI Factory. Here's a link to his web site.


This is an online tool that can also do the conversion:


Use the "Load POI File" tab. Then, use the "Save POI File" tab (remember to enter file name and select Garmin CSV as the format). These steps will convert GPX to CSV.

Jonathan (aka JM)


There is a long thread on the Rand-McNally 7710 here:

POI Factory even has a FAQ for Loading POI Files With The Rand McNally Dock: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/34592

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publishing that e-mail was a bad move

GaryWalker wrote:

... Let me know at ....

Why? Are you saying that you can't be bothered to come back here and read a response from someone trying to help? That you're confused about the concept of a forum and think that a response should be private and not available for the use of anyone else? Or are you just tying to get a lot of spam to that e-mail address, since it has already been harvested by many spiders that roam the Internet looking for people who are foolish enough to post their private e-mail address? You didn't even use a free disposable address such as provided by spamgourmet.com such as harvester2012.5.kman@spamgourmet.com so that you could turn off the spam when you saw the problem. And, yes, I know Google has pretty good spam filters, but some still gets through and other times they catch things that they shouldn't, so it is never a good idea to publish your real e-mail address.

GPS Babel

You can also use GPS Babel to convert the files.


Conversion is possible

I have used both of the conversion tools described by JM. They are super easy to use. I wouldn't bother looking anywhere else. Can't go wrong with either choice.