Rand McNally - Loading POI files with the Rand McNally Dock


The Rand McNally Dock is the free PC or Mac software that comes with Rand McNally’s TND and RVND GPS navigation units and is used to update those units. It can be used to load custom POI’s into units which support this feature.

Here are the basic steps for loading POI files to a Rand McNally unit:

Step 1

Download POI file(s) from POI Factory and save them to a folder on your computer. Rand McNally works with CSV formatted files.

Step 2

Use the Rand McNally Dock to transfer the POI Factory file to your device.

  • Plug your device into your computer via USB and wait for the Rand McNally Dock to start
  • Select "Add Locations" (use right arrow to show)

Following the screen below, select the file you wish to transfer, select whether it is a “POI” or “Alert POI”, and then choose the “Transfer” button.

  • "POI" are things that you would like a proximity alert when that POI is anywhere around/near you.
  • "Alert POI" are things like Red Light Cameras, which would only notify you if it were on your designated route or the road ahead.
  • "POI Factory" is an informational link to the Rand McNally support site with a continued link to POI Factory for additional instructions.

Step 3

Load the custom POIs into your onboard database

  • Unplug your device from your computer.
  • Plug it into power using the power adapter.
  • Turn the unit on.
  • Depending on the size, the download could take 1-10 minutes. When complete, you will see the screen below.

Note: “Failed records” are those for which some information was dropped from the records.

Step 4

Customize how you want the POI’s to display by hitting the button on the Custom POI screen below.

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