Volvo navigation system uses .idx format for custom POIs - HELP!


I'm trying to upload the POI Factory red-light cameras file to my Volvo navigation system. Unfortunately, it only reads .idx format files. Does anyone know how to convert the POI factory's .csv format to the .idx format or have any idea of another way to get this to work with the Volvo system.

When I google "csv to idx conversion programs" lots of hits come up but none of them are specifically for this exact conversion. If anyone has any idea how to get this to work I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!!

There's Some info here

The info in the link is about five years old and no solutions were offered, so this may be a tough question to answer.

Arcview perhaps

This is only a guess but doing a search for .idx led me to a program called Arcview.

ArcView (Geocoding Index For Read-Only Datasets) by ESRI Related links: GIS Info

It could easily be a database type file too, but without seeing one of the files it's impossible to say for sure.

Garmin Nuvi 2450

Thanks for trying... I don't

Thanks for trying... I don't think this is ever going to work sad