How to restore back to North America vs lower 49 Garmin


When I updated my NUVI 680 to 2013-10 I did not have an SD card installed. Base memory was too small to install North America or US and Canada, so I installed the lower 49 states. I went out and bought a 4g sd card and installed it. Now when I try Lifetime updater I can't get back to North America's data base. How do I reset Lifetime updater??
I have quit lifetime and rebooted my system to no avail.

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Try this

Sign into myGarmin

then click myMaps

Scroll to your nuvi 680 and click Download. I strongly suggest choosing Option 2. You'll be told somewhere along the process that you already have this map--do you want to download it again?--and say yes.

As the map update installs, make sure you're installing all of North America rather than Lower 49 states.

Be sure the nuvi with SD card is attached to the computer as you do all this.

Thanks for your quick clear

Thanks for your quick clear response. I am in the process of downloading the full update to my PC, I will push it to the SD card later. I took 14 minutes to download yesterday on FIOS, it will probably take hours today.
The download just finished, that was fast. I'll play with update now.

Thanks again

Exactly what do I copy to

Exactly what do I copy to the SD card.
I have the updated maps directory but not sure as to what I need to copy to the SD


Rustydog001 wrote:

Exactly what do I copy to the SD card.
I have the updated maps directory but not sure as to what I need to copy to the SD

Since I've not done it, I'll suggest you follow instructions from those who have:

Someone, please confirm or correct what I'm about to say. I believe that if your nuvi now has the Lower 49 states internally loaded to the nuvi, you will only need to use MapInstall to load the rest (Alaska, PR, Canada, Mexico, ??) to your SD card. The other alternative (which you are not doing right now) is to have the nuvi with SD card connected to your PC when you download and install the new 2013.10 map from Garmin--and have the installation process install the full map to your computer and SD card when the proces tells you that you have insufficient space on the nuvi for all of North America and do you want to load it to the SD card instead.

copy on sd card

I had the same problem with my nuvi 650. How to fix is to open basecamp and select in the menu, send to sd card, that will opens mapinstal. You click in the left corner and keeping it pressed you move the rectangle to cover the entire map.
The sections selected are yellow. After you select, you choose the disk that contains your SD card as the destination