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I'm confused concerning the most appropriate method for adding additional maps to an SD card since my Nuvi 650 is out-of-space. I successfully did a limited update for the east coast, but I am now looking into installing the rest of the US and Canada onto the SD card.

How to do this is covered in the following post:
My question goes beyond the post.

1. One of the options when initiating a download is to install on the Nuvi DEVICE AND COMPUTER. By any chance, if that option is selected and you select the SD card as the destination does that effectively accomplish installing all the maps?
(ie: NO necessity to use Map Install????)

2. I went to install MapInstall, it bombed with an error message that MapSource was needed. I installed BaseCamp and that did not work. I then installed MapSource and Map Install did work. Currently I am downloading all maps so that I can follow the directions as contained in the post: "How to install additional map regions to a blank microSD/SD card after the map update".

3. Since MapInstall did NOT work with BaseCamp, does that mean that BaseCamp has the capability to directly install additional maps onto your SD card?

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If you're asking about installing a new map update to an SD card, the process has changed, and although charlesd45's post will wotk, there is an easier way.

When you download the map update again, use Option 2 (Map Updater). Select one of the options highlighted in red (for example, US & Canada). If you have an SD card in the unit, it will ask you if you'd like to install to the SD card. Say yes grin

Now to answer your other questions:

#1. Yes, if the region you select is US & Canada.
#3. Yes

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MapInstall Worked

I just completed installing the rest of maps onto the SD card using MapInstall. Very time consuming, but informative.

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC


I've a 660, and have loaded latest maps, and a few extra vehicles, and I still have space left... and I'm not loading maps on SD card... ???
Are you trying to load extra maps over an above the current maps?

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Thanks WAASup - I'll give it a try with the next update.

When the next updates are released, I'll give that a try. Your response will help me and others be better organized for the next update.

The "red" text and the out-of-space message implied to me that I had to "trim" down my selection. I didn't think that it would suggest using the SD card.

Since I brought up BaseCamp, which I anticipate needing to learn, below are some links to a discussion on BaseCamp for reference.

BaseCamp download

BaseCamp Training Videos

Thanks very much for your help.

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reply to JanJ - Out of Space

Not to my knowledge. I do have what may be a large POI file. (I had moved the POI file to the SD card, but somehow, it ended back on the Nuvi650 itself. Since I was able today, to get all the US & Canada maps installed, things are OK).

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC