about the NHRA dragways missing one


hello the person that did the NHRA tracks. you mist one in NH. i did send a e mail to that person about 2 weeks a go but i dont no if her is still here. the last update was 6-2008. the new one is 43.018015,-71.030195
its new england dragway,280 exter road epping,NH. if some one can help to put this on there. thanks

For sully

sully, this post of yours may be overlooked posting it in the Garmin forum.

Here's a discussion of what to do if the POI file Maintainer can't be reached:


mist one

hello CraigW. i did that i sent it to both. and nothing....


Bear in mind that the POI files here are done by volunteers and they do not check all the forums every day.

Sometimes the POI files turn out to be orphans because the maintainer is longer visiting poi-factory.

One has to be patient.

There is nothing to prevent you from adding missing locations to your downloaded file.