Reporting an Error


This has got to be a redundant post, but I can't find an answer anywhere. Maybe it should be a FAQ.

I've found error/omissions in a couple of POI files. How do I report those so that the person maintaining the files can make the correction?


Here's the link. smile


Additional info

If you see that an existing file needs to be edited and you are not the current maintainer, please contact the author of the file.

You contact the author of the file by using their contact tab when you click on their name. If no contact tab, then you have to go to a moderator.

It would be nice if all maintainers used a contact tab, but not all do.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Thanks GlobeTurtle and

Thanks GlobeTurtle and pwohlrab. I had checked for a way to contact the maintainers, but neither had a tab. I'll try GlobeTurtle's link.