Safely deleting files


I recently purchased a Nuvi 2595 and would like to clean up the files on it. I've deleted all the ones that are obvious to me as being foreign languages. I've read somewhere on here that this speeds up the GPS processing.
Is there a place where they explain what the files do so I'll know which others can be deleted?
The 'help' and 'theme' folders have lots of files that I'm sure I don't need but I'm not too sure about deleting.
I tired a search on safetly delete but nothing came up that would help.

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Deleting all the voice files except for the English ones you need will give you the most bang for the buck. You can also delete the EULA file, text files other than english, keyboard file, and vehicles.

But really, deleting files isn't going to give you any performance improvement, at least none that you'll ever notice. The only real reason to delete files is to free up space for map updates but if your 2595 has 4GB of internal storage or more, you really don't have an issue with space either.


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Why delete anything?

I go with the attitude , "If it's working, don't fix it"!
Unless you need the extra space, I'd leave it alone.
I hear so many stories about people's units that freeze, lock-up, or constantly reboots etc, and make me wonder how this happened and perhaps its because they messed with it in the past. I have an old 265WT that still works as good as the day I bought it. I leave it alone.
That's my attitude.

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Backup Your GPS Files

+1 Backup the files on your GPS...even if you're not going to delete anything. Connect it to your computer and save all of the files into a folder of it's own. In the future, if needed, you have the original files that came on your unit. If you delete something that you shouldn't have, you have a full backup of the original files. Whenever I update my unit I create another file with the updated files as well.

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Thank for all the advise

Great ideas, I'll wait until it tells me I don't have room for an update.
And, I always back up.


I put my updates on my computer and then upload to an SD card... no worries about room on the Garmin.

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Safely deleting files

Click on the Internal Storage. This will allow you into some of the devices files. With these new device we have hidden some of the files so that they cannot be deleted.

The above is the reply that I received from Garmin when I thought that I had deleted some files when I was connected into the computer.

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