Question about purchase of lifetime maps card.


I am going to purchase a lifetime maps card for my Nuvi 1490. Will it also update my Mapsource on my computer at the same time?


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Yes, but you need to be sure to select the "Advance Install" option to get the maps installed on the computer.



Install Options

Yes, in addition to installing the map for use by Mapsource (after clicking an early window's "Install Options" during the update process), then selecting an installation to device and computer, also know that since Garmin has switched from using Mapsource to using Basecamp for computers' access to maps, if your computer doesn't have BaseCamp installed, it will also be installed.

The map on your computer can then be viewed either with Mapsource or Basecamp.


Mapsource is no longer supplied by Garmin. It will install a new program Basecamp. Base camp does much the same things as Mapsource, but the interface is difficult to master if you are used to Mapsource. Perhaps the most difficult for me was learning to create a route using their tool. The video doesn't explain how you do more than just a few blocks. I finally figured out how to do a planned trip of a little over 600 miles over a chosen route.

From my old programing days we would call the interface "User Hostile" rather than friendly or intuitive.

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