Need a POI File that would direct me to boat ramps on minesota lakes


Hi There.
Is there anyone out there willing to take on such a project? The current Minnesota lakes POI file doesn't take me to the boat ramps. The several I've tried thus far had taken me into someones back yard. Only one had actually taken me to a boat ramp. ON many lakes there are many side roads an the normal highway map frequently doesn't provide a enough detail to find a particular boat ramp.

An example was the E Rush and West Rush lakes near Pine City.
After first discovering that it took me to a dead end road on the lake into some body drive way. I drove over 30 MI and wasted 2 hr of valuable fishing time. Trying to find an actual boat ramp. So am sure it would be helpful to other anglers and boaters as well.
Hope some is interested in tackling this project.
Thank You
John Mac Donald


I don't live in your area but I wonder if the state dept of natural resources has coordinates or addresses for boat ramps. That might be a good starting point for the data.


this site should give you all the information needed

Here you go, this site should give you all the information needed for you to create the file you are wanting.

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Known for 10,000 Lakes, what a project!

Anyone wanting to see if the saying is true?... that's what the plates say.

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DNR site

unfortunately that wasn't much help. Did Call DNR today and they said no such documentation exists. One person said somewhat similar information is available in a GIS file. but that would have to be converted. Also the person I spoke with seemed to be open to the idea. The info would need to be accurate and able to update in a timely manner. I referred him to this web site. He said he would inquire about it and pass the request to the proper people who could make it happen and said I could callback in the future. I think such a POI file would be beneficial to tourism and local anglers would benefit by having easier routs to follow. So we shall see

10000 lakes

Actually there are more than 10000 lakes. but the tourism and state didn't want to change the actual number. Anyway not all lakes have boat ramps so the number would be somewhat smaller.