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This discussion topic is used for collaboration on the Houston, TX metro area project.

You can provide feedback and suggestions for files in the Houston, TX project area by replying to this topic.

I will need someone to go through the alphabetical list of files on the site and make a list of links that need to be linked to this Metro Project. I am not familiar with this area and am not sure what files cover this area.


Miss POI

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I live in Houston and I can certainly help maintain the Houston Metro Area Project.


I volunteer as well

Count me in to help!


Suggestions for POI files?

Anyone have any suggestions for Houston area POI files that they would like to see created and posted?

Is there any way that a file

Is there any way that a file cam be made for all police departments/sherrif/constable/harris county stations?


This is great!

I just got a Garmin Nuvi 255W for Christmas. I live in Houston and will definitely be helping with this.

Houston Metro Area Project

I recently purchased a Nuvi 265WT for Christmas and would be willing to assist with collaborating on the Houston Metro Project.

Garmin Nuvi 265WT User

poi idea

id would like to see one file with the entire metro non residential phone directory

Houston Area HOV Lane Entrances...

I'm fairly new to Houston, and the Garmin my boss bought for the company truck has saved me so much time; however, i cannot seem to find many of the HOV Lane entrances, could someone make a CSV file for these, does one exist?

How can I add a file into Houston Metro project?

I just finished Houston area in my POI file:
How can I add it into the project?