Chit Chat Thread for the week of August 22nd, 2011


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

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Good Morning

HI all smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

I am

#2 this morning. Good morning everyone.

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Ready for some Football

Gaints Bears tonight. Everyone have a good safe week.

Wishing all

a great week!

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Cool Start To The Week

Great Weather for Biking.
Have a Safe and Great Week.

Go Giants

spectrum44 wrote:

Gaints Bears tonight. Everyone have a good safe week.

Go Giants


Monday again?

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Lucky 7

#7 grin

Numero Ocho

Numero Ocho

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Have a terrific week!

Hope the hurricane misses everybody here!

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It's gonna be a long week.

yeah, page one baby

Have a great week everyone

Standing By

Right now Irene forecasted to pass within 10-20 miles of our location as a high CAT I - low Cat II.
Since we live about 400 feet from ocean on the peninsula, and they close all bridges to the mainland when the sustained winds hit 45 mph, we booked rooms at an inland motel for 2 nights. Can cancel up to last minute if track changes.

Would have to start tieing down everything on Wed. No flying debri from us !!!!!!!

Hope it changes direction Eastward .

Everyone else !!!! Have a great week. !

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Best of luck to you... I had a close call back with Hugo. We were in Savannah, and the storm was set to hit us directly but it diverted at the last minute to the north and hit Charleston, SC instead.

Don't take any chances. Get out before they close the bridges.

Also, were you aware that this is the first time in recorded hurricane history that we have used the first eight names and not had a hurricane in the batch. Irene is the first real hurricane of the 2011 season.

It's Monday

Made it to another week.

Jim Garmin nuvi 660


A local group is in the Dominican Republic to start building a church. I pray for their safety.

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It's Monday...

Again? Already?

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Five more weeks

five more weeks and we head for Florida again.

Have a great week everyone.

Wanted -Woman with GPS -send picture of GPS

Good Morning

Perfect day. We're at Lake Lawn Lodge in Delevan WI near Lake Geneva. Stayed here for years but the day of the all inclusive lodging in this area is dying. They went bankrupt last December and I figured the bulldozer was coming but someone rescued them. They reopened in July. This may be a last gasp for them but I hope not. The grounds are very nice and it's much more relaxing than being in downtown Lake Geneva with it's long lines of cars and no parking. Not a lot of people here though. The same thing happened to the lodges in Door County and as I understand it the Honeymoon resorts in the Poconos. I know the one we spent our honeymoon 51 years ago has been replaced by several Casinos which are not as relaxing. Too bad. Not an improvement.

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A break from the rain.

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Phew ! ! !

Latest NHC forecast models for Hurricane Irene show a significant Easterly movement to the forecasted track. Here's hoping !

Showing track about 100 miles East now !

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Today, It's . . .

. . .one of those "Hurry up and wait" days.

Have a great week


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Have a good week!

Have a good week!

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At least I remembered

to report on the forum before Thursday this week. No commute to Vegas this weekend. Very busy with school back in session. Lots of maintenance and changes to the database entries and the website I administer.

Have a great week everyone and drive safely.



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Chargers looking good last

Chargers looking good last night.

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Earn $300.00 pay 21% taxes and your net take home pay is $237.00. (note this is the low income bracket and not the 36 % for higher brackets)
Your take home pay is now $237.00
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If you buy on credit than pay some over inflated rate of 21%. The banks and credit card are ok financially.

Have a great week!

motor safely!

NFL is back

'nuf said ............. except to add that Larry Fitzgerald is safely $$$$$$$ back in the fold for the Arizona Cardinals
Safe and pleasant week ahead to all !

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Good Job

Good job getting to number 1 John..


Autmn is a comin'

Could feel a tinge of Fall in the air this morning. The nights are getting a bit cooler and the temps during the day have moderated considerably. Can now move about in comfort.

Hope all have a GREAT Week.

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It's a wonderful day

weather wise, have a great week everyone.

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Happy week...

Y'all, it's still unbearably hot here and continuing for the week!!

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It's a

Beautiful day!

windmill post.

windmill post.

Driving out to Texas soon;

Driving out to Texas soon; about 1800 miles. Have all my POIs updated and ready to roll. Thanks POI Factory members!

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Good Morning

grin Good Morning POI-Factory Members!


Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over great week everyone

No rain today

Looks like it will be a nice day today.


Still no rain here in Texas. Hope a storm would come our way.

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Short week..

Have a great week everyone! smile


So much for Summer . . .

It will still be hot here for a while, though.

Still hot

Still hot weather here in Savannah.

Got nice and cool here after

Got nice and cool here after the storms yesterday.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Quote of the Day:

Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen toprove they are insured but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. smile

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New Avatar

Charles45 has a new avatar. Looks good smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


Hi All.

Nuvi 760

happy monday

... just can't wait to get started on a new week ...


it's the dog's fault

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