Young and Geek


In response to “I must be getting old”

I’m 31 years old

I work two jobs, during the day I flip burgers at Mickey D and at night I deliver pizza for Pizza Hut

I live at home with my parents

I’ve been divorced twice and have four kids living with my ex, thank God for WIC so I don’t have to worry if the kids have anything to eat.

I too drive an 11 year old car after my brand new Lexus got repo by the mean spirited BOA

What is a Nuvi?

Last year I slept on the sidewalk of Best Buy waiting for the new iPad, I was third in line.

I also have an iTouch that fits in my pocket so when I go to Starbuck lets me play games and browse the web while sipping on my café latte grande.

I own a Verizon Droid Charge smartphone and got it for only $249 after rebate (I use it on my pizza delivery route with my GPS App)

I’m a loyal Verizon customer, love their data plan, they only charge me $80 a month for ten G

I can’t afford a medical insurance plan; hope I don’t get sick while waiting for Obama Care to kick in.

I don’t have any credit cards, had to cut them up, damned you mean spirited CITI

I’m yet to re-pay my student loan, hoping for the government to forgive my debt.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer, I hope the old man takes good care of me in his will, hate to share with my brothers and sisters.

I got very depressed when the news reported Steve Jobs resigned because he is critically ill, I hope Apple continues to thrive in his absence, can’t wait for iPhone G5 release.

I no longer have a bank account, some problem with insufficient funds, mean spirited Wells Fargo.

Did I mention voting for Hope and Change?

Garmin 38 - Magellan Gold - Garmin Yellow eTrex - Nuvi 260 - Nuvi 2460LMT - Google Nexus 7 - Toyota Entune NAV