Founding Fathers


This morning, I read an article in Newsweek titled "The Founding Fathers, Unzipped". It lays bear some historical facts about a few of these revered gentlemen that calls into question whether opponents of Automated Traffic Enforcement should invoke their memory when railing against ATE and citing articles - whose facts they have not checked by reading the source documents.

The Newsweek article is to the point when it said:
"Facts, as John Adams insisted when defending British redcoats after the Boston Massacre, “are stubborn things.” He would be horrified by the regularity with which American history is mangled in the interests of confirming prejudices." (emphasis added)

This seemed timely with Independence Day close at hand. Invoking patriotism and the "Founding Fathers" is one way to tear down an opponent without having to have any facts on your side.

The last two pargraphs of the Newsweek should be considered:
"With adult history buffs so deluded about the reality of the American past, it’s even more alarming that the National Assessment of Educational Progress recently rated history as the subject at which students are least proficient. This wouldn’t matter if history were just some recreational stroll down memory lane. But it isn’t. In the fiery debates of Americans long dead can be discerned the lineaments of the same core issues that divide us today. Right now, the education that might inform such a debate has turned into a schoolyard shouting match.

As the electioneering rises to a din, those who dare to read history for its chastening wisdom will be fatuously accused of “declinism.” But it is those who reduce history’s hard and honest reckonings to exceptionalist chest-thumping who will be the true agents of degeneration. As one of Jefferson’s favorite books, Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, so luminously argued, there is no surer sign of a country’s cultural and political decay than an obtuse blindness to its unmistakable beginnings."

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