Kudos to Garmin Support!


I upgraded the maps on my 765T today. The process was long but went fine. At the end, it came up successful.

When I disconnected from my PC, the 765T was still showing it was connected. Could not get it to go back to normal mode and when I reconnected to the PC, it didn't recognize the Garmin.

Finally got it to power off...but then it wouldn't power on again. Even tried it in the car kit in case it was a battery issue but nothing.

Based on past posts I've read here, Garmin phone support is a nightmare....very long wait times and unsatisfactory service. Just how I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon....

Long story short: Called the support number, after two phone-tree choices, was immediately connected to a service rep.

She got my 765 to reboot, verified my map update was installed, and even had me check to make sure my Favorites were still there. They were.

I also asked how critical the battery recall issue was since I had received an email from Amazon after I bought it saying my serial number was on the recall list.

She checked: Amazon was wrong! My batteries are fine.

She was quick, helpful, and saved me from stupidly sending my gps in for new batteries.

I did ask her when the Garmin App for Windows Phone 7 was coming out. She didn't know what Phone 7 was but after we got through that, she added my interest in the mobile app for Phone 7 to a list the designers supposedly look at.

All in all, a very positive experience. Judging from others posts, maybe my experience was a fluke. Hopefully, it means their customer service is getting better.

I don't know where I'm going or remember where I've been...without Garmin.

Next Map Update

Oh, I also asked her when the next nuvi map updates were due. She said pretty confidently they would be released in June.

I don't know where I'm going or remember where I've been...without Garmin.