Chit Chat Thread for the week of March 14th, 2011


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

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I'm #1 this week

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2nd in Line

Everyone have a great week, even though you lost an hours sleep.


again! Have a great week.


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Good morning.

Good morning.

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March Maddness

Hey it's that time of year. Everyone have a good safe week.


Again, got side tracked.

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Happy Monday

Yipee. It's Monday again.

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have a great week

computer problems

hope to get fixed before totally gone

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New week get my left eye done tomorrow. Means a new light on things. cool

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Good Luck John

johnm405 wrote:

New week get my left eye done tomorrow. Means a new light on things. cool

Hope you are happy with the results. grin I was.

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Will let you know in a few day or maybe tomorrow. smile Hope you are still happy with yours.

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It is not just another Monday - this is the last Monday of Winter. Spring is on the way.

Slight Difference

My left eye came out better than my right, but still better than before.

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checking in.

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Let's all say a prayer for the people of Japan.

Happy Monday

Have a great week!

Wonderful day

It's our 36th anniversary.

Happy Monday After DST

What a difference an hour makes smile

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Happy Pi Day

it's 3.14 - pi - make sure you celebrate wisely smile

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First Page today

Looks like #22

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Good excuse to eat pie.

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Have a Great Week

& motor safely!

First page..

I am off today! FANTASTIC! smile


Happy week, y'all

We survived Mardi Gras!

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Great week ahead

Forgot to change the clock last night, almost late for work

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Everyone have a godo week!!!

It is finally getting warm and Spring is on the way!


hoping that warm,dry weather will soon be here to stay.have a great week everyone. wink

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monday again ...

... could do without Monday this week


it's the dog's fault

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Top 30 this week smile



and counting!

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Prayers for Victims

Prayer for all victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.


I have been busy and I just noticed that I haven't participated in about a month. Need to get my status back see you guys later.


Have a great week. grin

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Spending time today updating POI files.....Weather is warm and it's time to hit the road!

Palm Desert

85' today!!!!

Spring break

made my commute between Vegas and Phoenix quite different this morning.

Traffic was understandably heavier than the normal Monday morning commute, but the additional traffic enforcement was obvious and almost oppressive.
The police presence had people at least slowing down from the normal 80 or 85 mph in the 65 mph zones.

Vegas was crowded due to Spring Break and the traffic headed North on the 93 and 95 means it will be even more crowded over the next few days. Good for the Vegas economy. The town was not built on winners.

Good week to all. Drive safely especially if you going to Spring Break in Vegas.

Hard to smile

Keep thinking about Japan.


Robert Woodcock

Its been a few weeks...


# 40

First Page

Got to experience my first

Got to experience my first tsunami last week. Was minor compared to Japan but still shocking to see what can happen first hand.


..week gone, more still ahead.

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')


So many good thins happended this week, Great Week

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gettin' old

can't believe that I overslept and missed my tee-time .... first time for everything I guess,when old father time starts catching up to you.

Safe and pleasant week ahead to all .......... AND


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Good Morning to all......

A great Monday to you all. Hope all goes well for the rest of the week.

Say some prayers for those in Japan.

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Come on


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At least, I'm on the first

At least, I'm on the first page....gulp.

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awesome week everyone


Have a great week. Mine

Have a great week. Mine starting real good, putting brand new engine, in a 2010 Crown Vic police cruiser, 19000km on it. Officer must have failed science or forgot liquids don't compress, when driving through water. razz razz

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

wow the sun stays out way longer after

wow the sun stays out way longer after daylight savings time I luv it

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