Poi loader/Garmin Nüvi 760


I used to be able to load positions (.csv) and sound alert file (.mp3) to my Nüvi. Admit, last time was 1 year ago!

I am running into a problem:

The positions (WP) are loaded onto the GPS (Extra's), 1000 m alert distance, but no message or sound coming up even when I pass by the WP.

I have created csv and sound file with exactly the same name, but names are up to 20 caracters and using "_" as a separator (don't know the english word, shame!)

I have placed two csv files with corresponding mp3 file in one folder.

I have uploaded this folder, using Poi loader, manual setting the 1000m distance.

But it does not work! I have studied all the nodes I could find on this site, no luck!

Any good advice?

Nüvi 765T, Nüvi 1390T, Nüvi 2559 and 2695 LMT, GPS12, GPS18 (used in nRoute and Oziexplorer on laptop), GPSmap76CSx, SonyEricsson X1 (For OziExplorer CE maps)

If you can see them

on your GPS under Extras/Custom POIs, then select any one of them and bring up the GO screen. If it shows the alert distance on the GO screen then the POIs compiled and loaded properly but may be off to the side of the route you are traveling on. If this is the case then you have to either move the coordinates closer to the route you will be traveling or you can make them ToutGuide (radius) alerts.

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