Dive sites


I would love to start a dive site project, especially for shore diving since one can drive up to the POI and then dive it. It would be great to include parking locations since many shore diving sites have very restrictive parking. I do love to shore dive! Any other divers here? I see people have been working on some of the shipwrecks I have been diving on in the North East US...great stuff!

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MN Dive Sites

There's a few good (at least from a Minnesotans perspective) dive sites up here, including the Madeira in Superior, Crosby mines, and a few not so good sites too, but if you're interested in Minnesota dive sites I'd be happy to offer you any help I could.

Massachusetts Diving

I shore dive in Rockport and Gloucester (Gloss-tuh) Massachusetts and I am very interested in this project. There are a dozen or so dive sites that are popular, and, as you noted, many have severe parking restrictions.

I would also probably try to include dive shops and charter boats. Many of those can be gotten from a little local knowledge and street addresses.

However, if I took a GPS with me on the charter boat I usually go out with, my GPS might get chucked in the ocean - the charters are very protective of their numbers, at least until they've "gone public".


Shore Diving sites

Jason, Check out www.shorediving.com I stumbled across it a while back. It looks like a good starting point. Will take some work though...



I can't speak to the idea of shore diving, as that isn't an option in the Maryland area. However, I have started a list of local dive sites and have started adding out of town sites as I visit them

Dive Sites POI

I am just wondering if anyone has found anything for this as of yet... I have been looking all over for something like this.. thanks

Great Scuba!!

I'm more of a drift diver and like warm water. Check out my favorite dive and fishing locations at the following website:


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I'm a diver, but....

.... we don't have a lot of wreck diving in Colorado... in fact the diving in general is pretty bad. I don't think you'd want any sites I know of here on the list. rolleyes

My wife and I met while teaching classes in a local dive shop, but aside from instructional dives, most of our diving has been in nice, warm places where we have to fly to. smile

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Started with Ohio

I posted some sites in Ohio and Florida in "Scuba - Ohio"

I started to use the GPS coordinates from Ned DeLoach's Diving Guide to Underwater Florida, but they are not very accurate sad

Once I get more sites, I could see having Scuba-OH, Scuba-FL, Scuba-NC, etc.


Texas Dive Sites

I created a .csv for Texas Dive Sites and uploaded it here. I guess it has to be approved before it's available. So far it has 30 points in it.