Scuba - Ohio

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Last updated 06/06/2008

Raw file: Scuba.csv (3.15 KB)

Includes 28 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: FL, IN, OH
  • some may be in: KY, MI (near a border)

Scuba diving sites in (and near) Ohio. Yes, these are quarries and not considered warm wink Dive shops in Ohio (incl. some in northern Kentucky) and a few dive shops and operators (boats) in and near Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Geocoding is from ( using the CSV service via the geocoder RubyGem. It does an OK job, but I've already corrected a few that were off by 0.2mi or so so double-check (and send me updates) if you go to one of these.

Added some dive boats and shops in Florida, too.
Added dive shops in Ohio
Corrected Gilboa Quarry coords as the geocoded ones were about 0.2mi off and nüvi said north of road when it was really south. The new coords are from the nüvi 750 just inside the entrance.
Corrected a few more coordinates and also put back the right address where incorrectly normalized it for a few.
Adjusted the coordinates of two more dive shops that I personally visited with my GPSr


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