22xx and 23xx Nuvi Series Announced

Nüvi 2595LMT

Nice but I don't see much

Nice but I don't see much reason to move up from my 885T.


It is interesting to see what new features the newer models will use. I just ordered a 1490t and am awaiting delivery, but just like computers there will always be a better model or options to choose in the future. Makes one question life time maps, vs new purchase every few years to upgrade a unit.

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT

Nice but

I still like my 855 and 1690. Now it will be nice when they put speech recognition with the features of the 1690. razz

Dwayne, Nuvi 1690

So odd

How they price these new models, and all the different versions they have.
Someone new coming in to buy a unit would be so confused.